CFR’s success story is mainly due to three major assets :


– No delays : Your files are integrated the same day they are received and collection starts immediately.

– Direct access : Immediate and real time secured web access to your files . If you want your team can even act directly on your own files at CFR (put collection on hold, indicate full or part payment, etc..)
– English account Manager : A personal dedicated English speaking account manager that you can easily reach by phone or email.

– Taylor-made process : Collection process is finely tuned according to your business and specifically adapted to your various customer’s profiles .

– Experts: A dedicated team of experts will accompany you in all steps of collection and legal advice.

– Unique Collection tool : Unlike many collection companies that use outside standard collection tool, which by nature is slow to adapt, CFR’s IT team has developed and improved over the years our own unique “home-made” collection system that allows a wide scope of tasks and is fully adaptable to current and future customer’s needs .

– Proactive : CFR is always improving, looking at new collection methods, and regularly share with customers new ideas or improvements to reach higher results even if they already exceed expectations.


– Follow-up on actions, promises to pay or part-payment instalments.

– Efficient script, with timely actions, more and more pressing, to renew contact.

– A strong psychological impact to enhance contact.

– All available means of payment, anytime, by phone, web or at post office, includingcredit card, bank wire, check or even cash during post office opening hours.

– Direct answer to queries or litigations whenever possible.

– Schedules of recovery steps adapted to each case.

– Better recovery rates, hence better financial gains for you.

– Real time access and information.


– Collecting actions in accordance to your ethics and laws.

– Deep respect of your public image and of human values.

– Detailed quality reports including regular performance indicators and calls .

– Payments or update files sent to you in any way and frequency you wish, even daily.

– Full compliancy of regulations including RGPD

– Low cost fees to allow you to attain the best financial gain.

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