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Real relation of partnership

An amicable or « out of court » recovery process which refers to possible fu tu re legal actions (notice directly sent from a bailiff, copy of injunction to pay).
No registration fees, no files fees : the fees due are a percentage calculated only from the amount recovered.
CFR is under constant innovation and up-to -date techniques , whether in hardware, soft ware or in the search for new means to improve the rate of success in order to :

  • Offer you the highest financial gain
  • Data returns available on the Web, adapted to your requirements , statistics or reportings on demand …
  • A human -size company which deals with your interests in an optimal way, strictly complying with the rules of etiquette and those regulating the recovery trade .Eventually, CFR is allowed to provide a certification of impossibility to recover (cf. Code general des impôts, artic le 272.1 Annexe 4). This procedure is included in the services we provide and does not give rise to an additional charge.
CFR Recouvrements