Management of your customer’s invoices and payments takes time and needs a professional team, used to billing tools and following-up on payments. This is why more and more companies focus their personnel on the core of their activity and use CFR’s specialised Customer’s Credit Management Team to act under their name either through their own tools or using CFR’s. The results : Significant improvement of their cash flow and sharp reduction of the outstanding balance.

CFR can either work with your tools at distance (we are used to access and deal with most accountancy tools using SaaS) or integrate your files in our secured and encrypted system. We have at your disposal all kinds of process and script depending on your internal policies. We accept a wide range of incoming information, from copy of invoices to direct upload of customer files or various kinds of excel or text sheets, all this with a wide scope of security and encryption measures that can go as far as the use of secured lines between our systems or secured ftp.

Reminder of payments or collection on your customers requires appropriate ethics, and skills using various means such as:

  • Progressive steps taken under your name and on your behalf, before acting under CFR’s name.
  • Efficient communication and management services by phone, letter or email.
  • A direct secured access for you to your files at CFR.
  • An dedicated PCI DSS web payment site.
  • Payment by phone, 24 hours a day and 7/7 days, with our interactive vocal phone system
  • Contact or payment through our collection call-center.
  • Personal follow-up calls depending on status or actions.

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