Powerful tools, quick actions

CFR answers within a very short time all kind of requests which are addressed to him, thanks to powerful use of data-processing equipment, telephone and mail.


All programs are developed and maintained internally by our IT department. When it comes to collaborating with our clients, our data-processing service plays a major part during the technical set-up, and the versatility of our own soft allows us to adapt our processes specifically to our client’s needs.

Our intranet network is secured and encrypted for a safer exchange of data between each member of the staff and it cannot be plugged in by external sources.

Nonetheless, a secured interface between our system and yours is possible, allowing you to access your files at CFR in real time.


Our printing systems, is able to print 10 000 letters per hour, fully fit for high volumes of activity. Our letters are consequently sent by the end of the same day.

We use professional emailing tools like Sarbacane, to ensure full delivery of our emails and feed-back on wrong email address.


Printed letters is a powerful mean for reaching out people in France, more than phone. CFR has a partnership with one of the leader in France in the shaping-up of postal address through the national source file (SNA).This entails that our letters are delivered with better chance of success and faster.
This action is combined with the correction of bad or past addresses thanks to data treatment called Charade and Estocade of the French national Post Office.

The direct result of these actions makes it possible to minimize unknown postal address, reducing the amount to be worked through by our specialised research team.


CFR uses an IVR, Interactive Voice Response system for incoming calls. This allows your customers to pay immediately by phone 7 days a week, 24h/24 or get in touch directly with our phone ops, during our wide phone ops working hours. Once contact and explanation is made, our ops can make pay directly over the phone, send a settlement agreement or payment confirmation, or eventually detect and settle a disagreement.

CFR outgoing calls have a strong psychological impact on the debtors. An efficient follow-up call results in direct action : payment by credit card, promise to pay later either fully or by partially, solution to a query or disagreement.

Our operators are well used and trained to all these steps and always keep in mind the quality of your brand image, through a firm but courteous and comprehensive discussion, all this to achieve results in accordance with your highest expectancies.


98% of the French people read the text messages which they receive !
CFR uses a powerful tool for sending personalized SMS to the debtors in real-time. A link on the message directs to the web card payment .


We have developed a secured web access for our clients who wish to look up at their files in real time at CFR. They have access to accounts, see what steps have already be done, amounts collected, and various data and statistics.


CFR allows all means of payment (both full or partial payments):
– Checks
– Wire directly to our specific bank account
– Direct debit
– Cash (at the post office)
– Credit Card.

For Credit Card payments, many ways are available, most of them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.:

  • By web, through our secured (SSL) web payment using PCI DSS standard.
  • By phone, with our fully automatic IVR phone system, or ,during working hours, directly with a CFR phone operator.

Such systems carry out direct bank withdrawals authorizations and reduces the risks of failure to pay, improving thus the delays in the process of recovery.

CFR Recouvrements