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Regulations recouvrement judiciaire

In order to protect your interests, CFR carries out its activity in full accordance with the decree 2012-783 referring to the regulation of the collecting trade.To this effect, we guarantee: that our activity has been declared to the Prosecutor the French Republic at the court of Paris. We use exclusively affected bank accounts for receiving […]

Our assets

Our assets Real relation of partnership

An amicable or « out of court » recovery process which refers to possible future legal actions (notice sent directly by a Bailiff, copy of possible injunction to pay, etc ).No registration fees, no files fees : the fees due are a percentage calculated only from the amount recovered.CFR is under constant innovation and up-to -date techniques , […]



Management of your customer’s invoices and payments takes time and needs a professional team, used to billing tools and following-up on payments.
This is why more and more companies focus their personnel on the core of their activity and use CFR’s specialised Customer’s Credit Management Team to act under their name either through their own tools or using CFR’s.
The results : Significant improvement of their cash flow and sharp reduction of the outstanding balance.